What do you mean I haven’t posted in over two months?

Yeah, this.

I’m sorry. I don’t know why really. Maybe lack of interesting things to say to you all. Now I get the joy of writing you up a huge post with EVERYTHING that’s happened in my life. Are you excited? I know I am.

So so much has gone on. Wow. I played Settlers Of Catan for the first time. How awesome is it?…Very. There were seven of us so we joined two boards together. Colour wise we had one person play their settlements and cities right way and one play them on their sides. Surprisingly it wasn’t as confusing as it could have been.Image

Cards wise we split into two teams, myself and everyone on my left used one set. Everyone on my right (I just happened to be sat in the middle) used the other set.

Conclusion: It is amazing, but I never had Wood for Sheep as I wasn’t near any trees.

So what else…

Well, I’ve been car boot raiding again (nothing illegal, I promise) and picked up a couple of cool bits. I bought another Monopoly Set. I don’t need it. I haven’t even played with the other set I bought. I think I was just interested as this is the same edition as my mother has and I grew up playing (although her set has Mr Men stickers and writing on the box *whistles innocently* and much more “loved” cards). It is very nice though. Might be time to admit I have a problem with games….ImageAs I bought an old Kerplunk set as well. This really isn’t worth anything, infact I think I maybe paid to much at £3.50. However the tower bit is much taller than I remember it being and the box is cool. It was a complete pain in the bum to carry home but very worth it.ImageAnd last, but by no means least (and I promise its not another game, I really do) , I managed to pick up, what looks like a brand new hard back copy of THUD! by Terry Pratchett. It made me very happy as Commander Vimes is possibly my favourite fictional character, but being a poor, broke person of the arty persuasion, books are low on my list of monetary priorities. Look at it, its awesome…Image

In other news, I got to play my first proper evil character in DnD. A Dragon-born supposedly names Grugg, which I felt was inappropriate so I renamed her Petunia. The adventure was a short one of my friend Nicks own devise. All the characters were pre-set with certain skills and personalities, but were able to be played as the team saw fit…oh and the only snag was, they all HAD to be evil.

Having never played as Dragon-born before, and having had very little time to properly look over the character sheets (the only action on there I’d seen before was cleave), Petunia did some fairly questionable things, like ripping a Goblins head clean off their body whilst trying to ping them like the Dungeons and Dragons equivalent of an elastic band. Also for the first time, we played without a set board and only had a couple of hand drawing sketches to go on. I felt both these things worked really well, as all of us stopped worrying so much about exactly where the characters were and the pre-set skills they had, and started actually using our imaginations and kind of bringing the characters to life (now I know what really role-playing feels like *wink* ). Anyway’s I get back to playing my super-wolfy shifter tomorrow, and I say super-wolfy as she is essentially another characters pet, also why would I play her as a human like character, they don’t get away with humping table legs (I’ve never made her do this, kinda).

I think I’ll call it quits here though. I have a lot more I could rant on about, also I have some new bits for the shop, but I think I’ll save those for another time.

Just remember the links




Also quickly, I am super super hookeg on Guild Wars II right now. Moved outside my comfort zone a bit and am playing as an Asura Mesmer. Which I must admit is a little strange but fairly awesome. If anyone’s interest in running about and doing stuff with me (which if you’ve made it this far you no doubt won’t be, as my over hyper-ness gets annoying very quickly), I’m sapharie.8423, just make sure to send me a message saying something like D20 blog when you add me so I know what’s going on.

I actually do have to run now, towards the kettle, for a cuppa….toodle pip for now

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